The History of Mt Lookout, WV

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mt Lookout String Band

This is my very first blog post. Well, I guess I should say second. I decided to move this from Blogger to WordPress due to additional options.  I still plan to push photos to Facebook.  However, I have don't know what might happen with Facebook and their changes. I would hate to lose any of the information we have been sharing.

It is interesting to know that Mt Lookout had there very own string band. It is even more interesting when you find your grandfather in one of those pictures! I wasn't even aware that he played an instrument. As a kid I never saw him with an instrument. I really know very little about the band or these pictures. Is there anyone out there who can provide any stories or maybe identify anyone in these photos? I would love to know more about them.

Back Row-Allen McClung,Alonzo Evans,Norway Hunley, George Kincaid, ?, Jim Underwood,Kelly McClung, ?. Front Row- ?, Vince Dotson,Mertie Ann McClung Dotson, Mary McKinney,Crosby McClung, Lydia Lois McClung Dotson, ???.

The information above I was able to find through some of Ronnie's records and help from Carolyn Warburton.

Left to Right - Andy Dotson, Mary McKinney, Crosby McClung, Veste Mae Odell McClung,??,Lydia Lois McClung Dotson,??,headshowing Lorton Champ, Mertie Ann McClung, Crosby McClung.

If you have any information you can leave comments here. I know that blogging is a little different than what most of us are used to. If you want to leave your comments through Facebook or email that is fine also.